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Since 1994 Jay McMahon has been a professional entertainer working primarily in the Corporate and Hospitality industries. He enjoys people and has developed very strong relationships with his clients. These developing relationships have led to being invited to entertain in their homes and country clubs for private parties. The majority of his engagements are “word of mouth” recommendations by those who have enjoyed Jay’s persona and the success of his audience oriented performances. 

“Everyone will have fun, take part in the mystery, and feel a strong connection with your event.”

Jay’s magical odyssey has led to performing for Fortune 500 companies, professional organizations, resorts, and appearances on the FOX and RSN Networks. He also entertains at major social events and cocktail parties. Performance venues include:

Corporate & Professional Associations
Conventions - Conferences - Hospitality Suite - Retreats - Banquets
Sales Meetings - Retreats - Appreciation Events

Retreats - Resort Activities - Guest Functions - Family Reunions
Private Club Events - Cabaret

Private Functions
Cocktaill Parties - Banquets - Country Club Events - Family Celebrations

An experienced entertainer can make your job a whole lot easier ...and get you lots of applause in the process.

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