Jay McMahon is first and foremost an entertainer. He performes his engaging style of magic and mind techniques at corporate and private events throughout the country. His keen wit and skilled performance techniques have kept guests laughing the entire evening and talking about their event for weeks. His most frequent performance venues include:

Close Up Cocktail Hour Magic
Ideal for the cocktail hour or any occasion where you want to provide intimate entertainment without interrupting the flow of your event. Utilizing everyday objects, Jay performs engaging theatrical sleight of hand for small groups throughout the room. Jay’s goal, as he mingles among the crowd, is to entertain, enhance comradery, and help create the spirit of the evening. Sometimes this intimate magic will take place right in the hands of your guests.
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• Conventions - Conferences - Hospitality Suite
• Retreats - Sales Meetings - Banquet Entertainment
• Appreciation Events

• Retreats - Resort Activities - Family Reunions
• Guest Functions - Private Club Events
• Cabaret

• Cocktail Parties - Banquets
• Reunions & Family Celebrations
• Country Club Events - Fundraisers

• The After Dinner Entertainment Specialist

This upbeat and well paced show blends sleight of hand, situational comedy, and melodramatic mind reading.into a totally fun experience. Jay McMahon develops an immediate rapport with his audience and takes them on an amazing journey into the impossible. His performance goal is the entertainment your guests and they are more than happy to take part in the excitement. These shows are ideal for Banquet Entertainment, Holiday Parties, and Resort Entertainment.

Jay McMahon provides a totally self contained act with length flexibility, theme options, and high entertainment value. Your guests will be involved throughout the show, adding to the excitement of the evening. Jay is an experienced entertainer who can help make your job a lot easier. Call 888-878-8374

email: info@jaymcmahon.com


“You added a great dynamic to our event and it was nice to see you again.”

M Bays

“Entertaining, funny, and absolutely mind twisting.”

“Your show was amazing and I received very positive feedback from our members. You definitely added to the comradery of the evening.”

S Louisignau
WesternMass Appraisal Institute


“Great job! We always look forward to to seeing your magic and our clients just have a great time with you.”

J Broyles
Plant Healthcare, Inc.


“Jay entertained our group of over 150 employees at the annual department Holiday Party. He had us mystified and laughing all night.”

The Hartford Group


“Thank you for an outstanding job entertaining at our summer event. We all enjoyed your money mysteries.”


“You certainly made me look good. Everyone wanted to know -”Where did you find Him ?” - We will definitely call on you again.”

New England Extrusion

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